Extra, Extra – Read all about it!

Welcome to my blog!

I have always been a little opposed to New Year’s resolutions but almost by accident 2018 was, I feel at least, the year of my glow up. I finally had the resources to procure the clothes I wanted to wear, the makeup and skincare I wanted to use, the time to get more creative with my cooking and decor, and I was dating a partner who loved and encouraged the things that make me me (mostly being extra as hell). For 2019, instead of creating a resolution, I decided to create a project – this blog.

I don’t quite know the direct this will take but expect it to be a documentation of the reasons so many people tell me, “You are so extra!”. I wear glitter, sequins, and fur to my industrial job, I bake from scratch even when I don’t have to, and I can’t resist a poppin’ highlight.

I hope you enjoy following me along in 2019, and hopefully beyond as I share my favorite outfits, recipes, places to eat and travel to, and whatever else happens.



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