It’s decorative [and edible] gourd season, MFs


Hi y’all,

This isn’t going to be a very long blog post but I was at Trader Joe’s and H-E-B the other day and was feeling ~inspired~ by all the beautiful fall produce. I posted about my #fallflex on my Instagram the other day and I love going crazy in the Target Dollar section, but there’s a more economical way to decorate your space for the season. 



Buy edible squash. 

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Place them in baskets and large bowls on tables or arrange them in a tablescape with candles and a table runner or garland in the dining room. Best part? You get to eat them! Squash can keep for 1-3 months so buy some as decor if you’re hosting guests and then use them for meals each week. 


Delicata squash are absolutely gorgeous and tiger striped and taste AMAZING with a quick sautee or roast. 

Acorn squash look very cool, come in green, orange, and white and are great as a sweet side or stuffed with sausage or tofu and herbs for a main dish.

Butternut squash is a classic and can be put in soups, roasted in cubes, or used as a pasta sauce. 

Tag me in any of your fun squash arrangements on Instagram!




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