Plus Size Holiday Party Looks

Last year I attended my first “adult” holiday party. The ones that are in TV and movies with flowing, open bar, a lovely dinner, with music and dancing. And I, lover of sequins and doing the most, was underdressed. I know, how could this happen? I literally had multiple fur and sequins options just hanging in my closet.

It was my boyfriend’s fault.

He told me it was “super chill, real casual.” It. Was. Not.

Honestly, we were still very cute. I wore a cotton Christmas light dress from Modcloth with a petticoat from Amazon. He borrowed one of my Christmas cardigans from Target. But I did give his boss explicit instructions to give ME the dress code next year. That is why I am here to help. No matter what sort of holiday lewk you are going for, I have scoured the internet to find the most glam outfits in a variety of price ranges so you can have time to stake out the sales between now and then and find all your accessories so you can be the belle of the ball, like you know I am going to be this year.

Sequins and Shine

Let’s be real, this is going to be the biggest category. I wait all year for an excuse to pull out my sequins and holiday parties are the perfect reason. Here are some of my faves (with links)

(These dresses linked herehere, and here)

(These looks linked here)

(These looks linked here)

A lot of these are a little more higher end, but I know that Eloquii has been running some bonkers sales lately and at time of publish, Anthropolgie is 25% off everything in store. I am publishing this now so you have time to shop these sales! For example, the rose gold wrap dress from Eloquii retails for $179.95 and I got it for $47 when it first came out. Black Friday will also be your friend. Target also has great holiday pieces that will come out closer to the end of November typically.

Also just a note, Eloquii does sequins SO WELL. The pieces sell out because they’re incredible, but sign up for the waitlist if it’s sold out in your size. They will send you an email if they restock and a lot of times they do.


Velvet is such a perfect thing to wear to a holiday party. It’s warm and luxe and comes in gorgeous jewel tones that are so festive. Here are some of my faves!

(These looks can be found here)

(These looks can be found here)

(These looks can be found here)

These velvet looks will be great with dark tights and boots or some sparkly baubles. The colors are so fun and will make you feel so fancy!

Holiday Quirk

My looks from last year falls firmly in the holiday quirk category, and honestly, sometimes that’s what the party needs. If you want to make a statement, but the dress code is more casual, wearing a funky pattern or styling a tacky Christmas sweater in a cute way is such a good way to do it!

(These looks can be found here)

Modcloth and Target will both be posting more closer to mid-November if history repeats itself. On the Amazon CowCow dresses, my advice would be to order now since they come over from Asia and it takes a long time for the non-Prime ones to ship. They do fit true to American sizing though, so don’t worry about sizing up.

I know I am counting down the days until I can put my tree up and wear sequins to run errands because #holidays so hopefully this gets you in the mood and gives you some fun ideas on some holiday looks!



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